Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

It is a practice that goes beyond the mechanical approach found in traditional craniosacral. Biodynamics emphasizes the processes that organize body functions and create optimal health.  A clear understanding of these inherent processes takes therapeutic work to much deeper levels.

Biodynamics recognizes the embryological forces at work in the adult, the influence of ancestral and personal history, and speaks to the energetic, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the human being. In a healthy body, this fundamental life force is expressed fluently but if health is compromised, on any level, this balanced rhythm will be disturbed and inevitably affect the overall vitality of your system.

BCST lineage can be traced to the work of American osteopath William Garner Sutherland. In the early 20th century he discovered that the bones of the cranium previously thought to be fused in the adult, are designed for movement.

Dr. Sutherland took it further by clearly sensing this primary energy impulse in the body that he called the Breath of Life.  He recognized that the information contained in this blueprint was transmitted to the body through the cerebral spinal fluid and all body fluids. The central nervous system and pituitary gland are constantly bathed in this fluid and communicate this information to all body cells. This is the mechanism through which intention becomes flesh. It acts as our most fundamental organizing force, which governs all other aspects of our physiological functioning.

Sutherland's insight into how the Breath of Life moves through the body led to a paradigm shift away from treating a patient's illness and toward cooperation with the forces of health, which are present in the person in all circumstances. 

The Breath of Life is sensed as a sacred presence that is at the heart of healing.

Over the last 60 years, BCST has evolved and been influenced by further research and other fields of study. Developments in quantum physics, epigenetics and modern medical imaging technology have confirmed and elaborated on Dr. Sutherland's insights. The work of Peter Levine in trauma resolution, William Emerson and others in pre and perinatal psychology, Jaap van der Wal’s vision of embryological life, has all transformed the practice of BCST. Frankyln Sills has collaborated with these and other professionals over the years and created a foundation training that is professional and holistic.

The original matrix

The biodynamic approach recognizes that we are a part of a ground of creative intelligence that includes all of nature. The forces that create all form are at the root of the human development. At conception, the Breath of Life generates a local field of action that organizes the development of the embryo. This original matrix is present throughout life and acts to maintain the coherence of all body tissues.

During BCST sessions, the practitioner of BCST follows the instructions of the person's system and does not impose a pre-set protocol of treatment. Suffering is met with a compassionate, openhearted presence and held in the context of the overall well being of the person.

Patterns held in the body

We are shaped and conditioned not only by the original blueprint but also by our own life experiences. At every stage of life from conception onwards we meet obstacles and challenges. These could include a toxic womb environment, difficulty at birth, accidents, injuries, and accumulation of environmental toxins, emotional trauma or continuous stress. When these experiences are overwhelming, or we do not have the resources to integrate them, they can be held in the body as patterns.  This inhibits the ability of health to manifest through all the tissues of the body.

The BCST practitioner develops the skill to be with specific areas of pain or distress while orienting to the deeper forces that generate health. The inherent processes of alignment are recognized and facilitated. Patterns of disease or trauma may emerge and are encouraged to resolve into health.

The body/mind can then reorganize to the original blueprint allowing the soul’s intention to incarnate more fully.

Further into Craniosacral Biodynamics


• To quiet the mind

• To release deep tensions

• To calm and balance the nervous system

• To realign the body with the soul’s intention

• To assist the body in recovering from accident or surgery

• To help integrate the experience of birth

• To prepare during pregnancy for an easeful birth

• To re-member the feeling of health

• To fully integrate the experience of wellness


It can benefit people of all ages, including babies, children and the elderly as well as pregnant mothers. It is complementary to the traditional medical approach and can be used safely in acute or chronic conditions, such as: 

Accidents - injuries and related issues - recovery from surgery - back pain – migraine - jaw tension - stress - anxiety – digestion - immune system disorders – insomnia - exhaustion - lethargy - general lack of vitality.

And the treatment can simply enhance energy, balance and integration in a system that feels disconnected.

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