CRANIOSACRAL BIODYNAMICS is the leading edge of evolution in craniosacral therapy. It is a gentle and profound approach to supporting the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system. It roots reside in osteopathy yet it specialty field lies in the energy dynamics, fluid and motions of the body in connection with greater life forces. It is a deeper approach empowering the body to tap into it’s inherent health and ability to heal. We offer an in-depth program with a good balance of theory, presentations and practice, in a energy field of Stillness and Mindfulness and the joy of teaching.

The intention of Biodynamic clinical work is to re-establish the relationship between patterns of human suffering and the intrinsic health of primary respiration. Supporting this relationship with the formative forces of nature allows past history to resolve into health and balance to be restored throughout the whole human system.

BCST work is based on:

  1. Establishing a clear and negotiated relational field

  2. Deepening practitioner presence and perceiving the original matrix of health that is ever present within us.

  3. Learning to perceive and differentiate phenomena that relate to primary respiration and its interaction with unresolved conditional or traumatic forces

  4. Facilitating a balanced state of awareness and stillness within which the presence of conditional forces and related mind-body states can be processed and resolved

You will learn, among other subjects:

  1. Contact skills and resources orienting to health

  2. Embryology, birth and the universal force of nature

  3. Craniosacral anatomy and nervous system

  4. Biodynamic principles of verbal and listening skills

  5. Breath of Life and Primary Respiration and much more

Our training is given in 12 seminars of 4 days each ( except for 2 that are 5 days), over a 2-year period. This pacing offers students time to practice, complete home study and integrate the material. Care is taken to create a safe container for students to dive deeply into the healing process. Details here. Please send us an email to to receive a complete outline of our program.

This 700 hours training is definitely one of the most extensive, in-depth trainings that you might take in Craniosacral Therapy leading you to be a Certified Practitioner. This training is for all health professionals wishing to add a new dimension to their practice, as well as those wishing to start a new career in an exciting and evolving field.

Completion of the training qualifies the student to graduate with a diploma, to become a Registered Craniosacral Therapist® and be part of an international community. RCST - See Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.

The Biodynamic (Bio= life, Dunamikos= power) approach is health oriented rather than pathology oriented.

You will also develop:

   • Open hearted presence and a sublime body awareness

   • Advanced subtle perception and Quantum touch

   • Reconnection with inherent health and deeper sense of self

   • Cutting edge skills to guide clients towards the embodiment of wellbeing

Teaching methods :  In all seminars, you’ll enjoy a balanced mix of meditative practices, lectures, visual presentations, movement, small group exercises and hands on supervised practice. You will also have the opportunity for deep personal growth and to create connection with an international community of practitioners.

Creating Community

Community gatherings will be possible in our large light-filled loft in the Mile End area of Montreal. The studio will be available to students one day a month to get together in whatever way you choose or for group’s supervision. There is a mini kitchen. The tables and material will all be available as well as a library of Anatomy and Cranial books. It could be a time for exchanges, group study or a potluck and dance party. Bring your iPod and put on some music, get together and have some fun.

During this training, we are together in a profound and intimate way. The people you meet here will touch you deeply.  The course time is very full so we would like to create a space for being together in a more relaxed way.

Our loft : Courses and sessions are given in our large light-filled loft in Mile End, Montreal at 5333 Casgrain #707.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Foundation Training - 2016-2017 - 700 hours

Beginning:  October 27th to 30th, 2016 - Seminar One ( See dates in Calendar)

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