Calendar: Dates for group 4 - starting October 27th, 2016

Seminar 1: Oct 27-30 ( 2016)

Preparing the ground

Seminar 2 : Dec 8-11

Re-Membering Wholeness

Seminar 3 : Jan 19-22 ( 2017)

Health & History

Seminar 4 : Mar 23-26

Reflections of the whole

Seminar 5 : May 25-28

A Hero’s journey into form

Seminar 6 : Jun 22-25

Vertical forces

Seminar 7 : Aug 2-6

Meeting the world

Seminar 8: Sept 14-17

Triune nervous system

Seminar 9: Nov 9-12

Nervous System - II

Seminar 10: Jan 11-14 (2018)



350 hours in class - This is a carefully layered presentation of material and supervised practice of BCST skills given through 12 seminars of 4 days each ( except 2 in the year).

150 hours practicum - Between seminars students practice skills learned with people other than classmates. These are unpaid sessions and the clients are informed that the practitioner is in training. These sessions are written up and turned in to the teaching team for review.

150 hours home study - Reading of texts in the fields of BCST, cranial osteopathy, trauma resolution, anatomy and pre and perinatal development. Drawing and modeling of anatomical structures will be practiced.

40 hours - Clinical project - Students work with one client for 10 sessions, write up all sessions, research a specific condition the client presents and record how the healing process progresses through the BCST work.

10 hours - Sessions received - Receive 10 sessions from an RCST practitioner.

Final exam - This is an open book exam given during seminar 12 graded on a pass/fail basis.


Pre-training session : Before the training, students must receive at least 1 session from a certified practitioners of BCST.

300 hours : Most applicants have their 300 hours as they are health practitioners and have already a practice and other courses in their curriculum. To be a Quebec’s associations member ( RITMA & ANN) you need 1000 hours total in order to apply and get covered. Otherwise, you can take it for your personal growth completing with anatomy and other classes. All other cases may be approved upon discussion and equivalences .

Interview : An interview with Rebekah Crown will be necessary either in person or over the phone (or SKYPE for those that are not in Montreal), prior to registration.

Requirements for completion

Students must attend all seminars. If more than 4 days are missed due to unavoidable circumstances, student will be required to pay a member of the teaching team to make up the hours.

Successful completion of all home study, final clinical project and final exam.

With successful completion of the course and all course work students are eligible for membership in the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America, and can be recognized at as RCST.

SEMINAR ONE is health and resource oriented. Emphasis is placed on the preparation of the practitioner, creating safety, negotiating appropriate contact. Establishing a connection to our own sense of wellbeing is essential to the therapeutic relationship. 

Content :

•  History and evolution of the work 
Building a safe therapeutic relationship
Resources and developing the felt sense  
The practice of presence
Dynamic stillness
Orienting to health
Establishing a wide perceptual field
Practitioner neutral
Practitioner fulcrums
Intro to the relational field
Beginning practitioner verbal skills
The ritual of contact & and Biodynamic principles
The Breath of Life, Primary Respiration    
Anatomy and physiology of primary respiratory mechanism
Palpation and perception; general listening contacts 

On completion of this seminar, students will be able to :
   • Recognize their own state of activation or settling
   • Understand what they bring to the table in relation to contact
   • Negotiate boundaries in the therapeutic relationship
   • Access the principle of resource for self-regulation
   • Practice different listening positions
   • Settle into stillness
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Course Requirements


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Seminar 11: Mar 7-11

Listening to the Viscera

Seminar 12: May 3-6

Ignition & Completion